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Decorative Painting Portfolio

Suede Walls & Faux Wood Grain Trim - Olympia, Wellington

Olympia Foyer Decorative Painting Before Olympia Foyer Decorative Painting After

Olympia is a premier neighborhood located in the heart of Wellington. The walls in this home were painted in shades of green. The doors, crown molding, baseboards, and trim created niches were painted in white. The home owners wanted all the doors and trim wood grained with the walls decorated in varying shades of Ralph Lauren Suede.

The wood grained trim beautifully accented the furniture, tile, and cabinets. The suede walls richly accented the wood grain and gave the home a contemporary look and feel. Notice the chandelier medallion that was also decorated and written about next.

Gold and Silver Faux - Foyer Ceiling Chandelier Medallion

Foyer Medallion Foyer Medallion Faux Gool and Silver

The chandelier medallion was a four part process. First we base coated the medallion with color, decorated with gold glaze, ragged a penetrating stain, then accented with silver glaze.

Faux Marble Column - Home Dining Area

Column Faux Marble Column Work Faux Marble Column

The painted white columns were base coated and then decorated to a faux marble.

Faux Wood Grain - Foyer Stairway Stringers

Olympia Stringer Before Faux Wood Grain Stringer

The stairway stringers also painted green, were base coated, faux wood grained with a glaze, and then sealed to match the stairway treads giving the stairway a realistic wood look.

The Addison - Boca Raton

Whitewash, Pickled Doors

Addison Doors Addison Doors Whitewashed

The Addison is a unique venue and the former home of the renowned architect, Addison Mizner. Originally built in 1926, the grounds have been restored into a landmark events facility. The management company contracted with us to give these doors a faux whitewash look. They have been previously faux stained. Notice the ceiling was also faux whitewashed.

Decorative Painting - Ibis Golf and Country Club

Air Brushed Clouds In 3-D

Ceiling Air Brushed Clouds

These clouds were air brushed by a painting contractor colleague of ours, Z Freeman Decorative Painting, one of the finest faux artists in Palm Beach County.

Faux Granite Painting - Electrical Receptacle Plates

Granit Counter Top Granit Plates

The receptacle covers in this home were faux painted to blend with the granite countertops.

Faux Wood Grain, Metal Garage Doors - Ibis

Faux Wood Grain - Ibis Garage Doors

These metal doors were base coated, a faux wood grain with a glaze, and then sealed.

Master Bedroom, Dining Room, Kitchen Niches

Master Niche Dining Room Niches Kitchen Niche

The kitchen niche was difficult because the glaze tended to dry quickly, keeping a "wet edge" was a challenge.

Home Office Ceiling Trays

Office Tray Before Office Tray After

This Ibis homeowner wanted his office ceiling trays faux painted to match better with his built in stained bookshelf. We accomplished this through a three process of a basecoat, sponged glaze, and a softened ragged stain. The following pictures will display the other decorative painting work accomplished at this Ibis home.

Great Room, Dining Room Ceiling Trays

Dining Room Tray Large Room Tray

We were asked to expand the faux work in the office ceiling trays to trays in other rooms.

Faux Wood Grain, Metal Doors - Mulberry, Royal Palm Beach

Front Entry Door

Before Front Metal Door Faux Grain Front Metal Door

Entry door decorated with a faux wood grain. Notice the doorbell button; we replace the old standard plastic door bell with a lighted metal decorative fixture.

Garage Door

Faux Grain Garage Metal Door

Metal garage door decorated with a faux wood grain.

Faux Wood Grain Referral - Mulberry, Royal Palm Beach

Front Entry Door

Before Front Metal Door Faux Grain Front Metal Door

Entry door decorated with a faux wood grain. We enhanced the door by replacing the old plastic doorbell button with a decorative lighted metal button.

Garage Door

Faux Wood Grain Garage Metal Door

The process for this metal door is a base coat, a glaze, and then a sealer.

Faux Wood Grain, Metal Doors - Admiral's Cove, Jupiter

Wood Grained Side Metal Door Metal Garage Door Faux Wood Grain

These metal doors were base coated, a faux wood grain with a glaze, and then sealed.

Gel Stain, Fiberglass Door - Temple Blvd, Loxahatchee

Fiberglass Door Gel Stain Fiberglass Door

We used Old Masters Gel Stain to give this fiberglass door an authentic wood look and feel.

Decorative Faux Match - Worth Avenue, Palm Beach Island

Faux Match Before Faux Match After

The management company wanted this commercial building's west side to match the faux on the east side. We accomplished this with a base coat and a glaze that was "sponged-off".

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